JLG Medical Group

Local Support

Many local areas or even streets have set up groups so that they can help their neighbours in this difficult period

Please get in touch with them if you feel they may be able to assist

COVID-19 Mutual Aid (Jesmond) (correct as at 30-Mar-2020)

Jesmond neighbourhood volunteers Facebook - COVID-19 Mutual Aid (Jesmond)

Covid19 Mutual Aid Gosforth (correct as at 30-Mar-2020)

Gosforth neighbourhood volunteers Facebook - Covid19 Mutual Aid Gosforth

Newcastle upon Tyne Covid 19 Mutual Aid (correct as at 30-Mar-2020)

Newcastle Covid-19 on Facebook Newcastle upon Tyne Covid 19 Mutual Aid

Other Help

There are also helplines which may be able to offer you appropriate advice

Silver Line (correct as at 30-Mar-2020)

Silverline 0800 470 8090 for information, friendship and advice www.thesilverline.org.uk

Samaritans (correct as at 30-Mar-2020)

Samaritans 116123 for help and advice https://www.samaritans.org/

Age UK (correct as at 30-Mar-2020)

Age UK 0800 678 1602 for advice and information www.ageuk.org.uk